Why I like baking so much

I started to eat when I was very young and I quickly enjoyed spending time preparing all these sweet little delicacies and of course, enjoying them during a family friendly moment. For me, baking is more than just an occupation on a rainy Sunday. I like to spend hours and hours there, to such an extent that sometimes I am exhausted at the end of the day so much I gave myself in my little preparations: p Today, I explain to you why I am passionate and I like to devote so much time to it.

Eating good things

As a great gourmet, one of the main reasons why I want to make pastries is to be able to eat them afterwards! Spending all this time preparing this dessert I spotted on Pinterest only makes me hungry. I’m all the more happy to eat it. It doesn’t have the same taste as a cake bought in two minutes in a pastry shop. Not to mention the little spoon that regularly makes a few turns in the preparations to taste hehe.

Create good memories

Baking is fun and inevitably brings back good memories, especially when it is a moment shared with someone. I have suffered a few times with my mother but also with friends (we even created an annual cooking evening!). Good memories are not only to be found in the pastry shop itself but also in the tasting! We spend a good time with family or friends in front of this good homemade cake, which inevitably gives it more value as it was made for this occasion and with love only for them.

Clear your head

When I feel frustrated or not at the top, nothing beats immersing yourself in creating a good pie. I am focused on my dough and other preparations and I don’t think about anything else. It’s a moment that takes away the tension. On condition, of course, that you have time and don’t have to do it in rush.