Chocolate Brown Wedding Cake Stand

chocolate brown wedding cake stand by Lou Hanson Pottery

A handmade chocolate brown wedding cake stand is an alternative to the more traditional antique white and pastel cake stands.

According to Favor Ideas

"Chocolate Brown is the color that fuels any number of high-flying color schemes. It's the go-to hue, whether it's a fall wedding that needs a touch of naturalism, or a fresh concept by a "design progressive" bride armed with a Gocco press, a bucketful of Etsy bookmarks and shelves groaning with artisan papers."

Blake Kritzberg continues:

"Chocolate Brown: So everywhere, it's hard to pin down,but chocolate brown is the cornerstone to most of today's modern palettes: brown with pink or aqua, or increasingly, coral, mint green or purple."

handmade chocolate brown cake stand

The style of my chocolate wedding stand is crisp and contemporary and complements all styles of cakes.

It is handmade on the potter's wheel and glazed with a classic iron saturated glaze that tends to break to copper on the edges.

The finish is satin and the colored glaze is very organic in nature. It mottles and pools in a style reminiscent of wood.

My smallest chocolate cake plate is 10 inches in diameter.The largest is 20 inches in diameter. They are between 6 and 7 inches tall.

From $125.

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