Handmade Black Cake Stand

stack of black cake stands

And what is a black cake stand?

Elegant,sophisticated,urban, retro...all of these and more.

Pair it with a splash of bright color!

Keep it cool with crisp,clean

white! Make it sing with damask!

Laugh out loud with polka-dot!

Add some bling with gold and crystal!

The glaze is rich and complex with more visual depth than most glazes.

It has a satin shine.

The design is clean and simple. It is well suited to both vintage and contemporary settings.

Group of handmade black cake stands.

Like a "little black dress" you will find it practical and adaptable for most special occasions.Just add the accessories!

The black pedestal stand is available from 3" diameter up to 20" diameter.

As with all my handmade cake stands, it can easily handle the weight of a wedding cake.

Starting from $25.00

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