Handmade Cake Stand
Puts Food on a Pedestal!

It has been said that the way food looks affects our perception of how it will taste.


First Feast The Eyes!

Here at Handmade Cake Stand we design and make handcrafted cake stands,cake plateaus, cupcake stands and more...for ordinary and extraordinary occasions.

We're raising life's celebrations to new heights, one handmade cake stand at a time!


Not only will a handmade cake stand present your wedding cake at its finest, but unlike the cake itself, you are left with a keepsake to be cherished long after the wedding is over. Every anniversary cake displayed on your wedding cake stand will bring back memories of your special day.

Personalize It.

Want to make your handmade cake stand even more unique? Customize it with a monogram and date.

Already Married?

A handmade cake stand is the perfect solution for that special anniversary year.

Family Birthdays

Start a family tradition with a handmade cake stand. Celebrate every family birthday with a cake raised on high!

Special Occasions

Set the stage for that special holiday or life event. Nothing moves food from commonplace to spectacular like a pedestal cake plate!

Like to Bake?

Show off your culinary creations by displaying them on a handmade cake stand.Use them singly or in multiples. Mix different shapes and heights. Lift your spirits by using them at an unexpected event! They will "frame" your artful food.

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Wedding Cake Stands Put Your Cake on a Pedestal!
Wedding cake stands help give that presentation WO W to your wedding cake. Choose from a variety of handmade shapes and styles.
Square Wedding Cake Stand
My square wedding cake stand, the Victorian Square, offers an alternative to the traditional round cake plate.
Victorian Frill Round Cake Stand
I am very fond of this round cake stand for it marks the beginning of my handmade cake stand adventure. And besides,wedding cakes look stunning on it!
Modern Wedding Cakes
Modern wedding cakes fit well with this Urban Cake Stand. The contemporary look is complete with a gloss white glaze and architectural detailing.
Carved Wedding Cake Stand
My carved wedding cake stand display traditional and contemporary wedding cakes equally well. Take a look!
Chocolate Brown Wedding Cake Stand
This chocolate brown wedding cake stand is handmade and gorgeous! The satin matte glaze breaks to copper on the edges and sets off the most delicate wedding cake.
Handmade Black Cake Stand
And what is a handmade black cake stand? Elegant,soph
A Wedding Cake Knife and Server That's Perfect!
A hand embellished wedding cake knife and server lends elegance to your wedding reception.You can find them here.
Handmade Individual Cupcake Stands
These porcelain cupcake stands are handmade one at a time.Use them individually or in a group to show off the finest cupcakes.
A Little About Me
What about me? Since 1977 my full time business has been making pottery. My current studio/showroom is shared with two Newfoundland dogs and two Manx kitties.
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